Thursday, May 10, 2018

Backyard Oasis and some of this weeks thrift store finds.

This years tea tent is starting to come together with some amazing craigslist and thrift store finds. I build a place of respite in my yard now going on it's 3 year. My first tea tent was a much sturdier structure but it collapsed under the weight of the snow the first year I had it and the first year we had seen snow like that in a decade. The tent I have now my dad bought me and it is easy to put up and take down, while not as grand it does provide an outdoor refuge from daily life. My first guest in the tea tent this week was my cat Mia.
Usually I just put a table and chairs under the tea tent but this year I found some wicker chairs (that I got FREE) and a large wicker basket (I also got Free on Craigs list) I paired it with some throw pillows and my recent tea tray find, teapot, and teacups from another thrift store, a square table covering from the SPCA thrift store and birthday flowers I got. I am still hoping to add a few more items to this years tea tent and I have enjoyed sitting and reading in the tent, sipping tea already.  I have added battery operated lights which will come in handy later in the summer. I got them at the dollar store.
This week I also found three saucers at different thrift stores and one beautiful white and gold Hamersley Rose cup. I paired the two saucers on the left with cups I had at home and was looking for something close. The yellow and gold one I put with the new white teacup.
Even though none of these is a true match, they do look like matches made in heaven.
I will leave you here and start the day. Thank you for popping in for a cup of tea and a look at this weeks thrift store finds.
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