Thursday, May 3, 2018

The Diva Cooks Up A Storm by Krista Davis

Ever since the day I stood in the library spinning the racks and waiting for the books to fall off so I could check them out, I have been grateful to have found the Diva series by Krista Davis. True story I would spin the racks at the library and any book that fell off would come home with me. The first I read in the series was The Diva Haunts The House, and then I could not wait to read the series. Anyone who tells you Libraries don't help sell books is wrong. I bought what I could not get in from the library and then I pre ordered every book Krista Davis put out since. I am grateful that NetGalley has allowed me to read The Diva Cooks Up a Storm in advance of the May 29th release. It felt so great to be back in Old Town and having dinner and a crisis to participate in. Reading the Diva series really does feel like going home or at least going to stay with friends for the week. I loved catching up with the characters and I also loved and was intrigued by the way this mystery unfolded. A secret dinner, a juicy gossip story, a bitter divorce, mysterious death, bees, cupcakes, and so much food! Then there are the love interests, the friends and the situations we simply cannot easily explain. This was such a great read I could not put it down, I had to know who done it! It was not at all who I had pegged either. I also really appreciated the recipes in the book and I feel like I need to write Sophie to ask if it is appropriate to serve her funeral potatoes at our next family dinner? Great story, great series, you will love it!

Domestic diva Sophie Winston can whip up an elaborate event in her sleep, but as the hippest hostess she rarely gets to enjoy the full guest treatment. Which is why her best friend Nina Reid Norwood loops her in to the latest culinary craze: a pop-up gourmet dinner party. The celebrity chef, the epicurean menu, and the high-profile attendees are all a surprise, turning the decadent dining experience into the hottest ticket in Old Town. But Sophie’s just pleased as punch that she finally has an opportunity to join her fellow foodies in some fun. The posh party proves to be a recipe for disaster when Hollis Haberman sours spirits by bringing his own hot new dish—his young trophy wife. With Hollis’s son and ex-wife in attendance, there may be more heat at the table than in the kitchen. But the next morning, Sophie discovers Hollis swallowing his last bits of air, and she must scramble to stop a killer before anyone else eats their last meal.

Published by Kensington and out May 29th you can pre order on by clicking here.  

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