Thursday, May 24, 2018

This weeks Treasures...

This week one of the charity shops I frequent had a half off everything sale. I picked up some treasures this week, some new pillow covers for the tea tent in a lovely floral pattern and this lovely little bear, whom I have named Earl Grey, he needs a bow tie though, maybe several, the hunt for those is on. Two pillow covers and the bear, $3.
Another couple of dollars spent on some tea cups, only one is a true match but I have fun matching up with different saucers, and you never know I might yet find the matching one!
I am completely thrilled with my new tea tent mascot, but I think he needs a bow tie, I have begun to look for small tea themed printed fabric so I can make him a few bow ties, I think he will need some for each holiday as well! What a fun project I have created for myself. If you happen to know where I might find some tea themed fabric let me know!
This years tea tent just keeps getting better and better, I now have a much more functional table then teh stools in the tea tent thanks to the power of our FB recycling page in our city. I am very much enjoying my little escape.
Thank you for taking time to drop by for tea. I look forward to sharing more with you tomorrow.
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