Saturday, August 18, 2018

Lorraine Bartlett's A Reel Catch

I purchased and have been looking forward to Lorraine Bartlett's book 4 in the Lotus Bay Mystery Series. I pre ordered my Amazon kindle edition, and spent the week in Lotus Bay. Loving this series as I do it was not a book I wanted to end. I wanted to spend as much time as I could with Kathy and Tori. I am so excited that the Swan's Nest Inn is about to open, that tourist season is about to begin in Lotus Bay and I was so thrilled to see what the friends have been upto. I love the relationships, the history and the struggles in A Reel Catch. A great read and I one I am hoping you will take a chance on too! This one is out now.
Though it's not yet summer, things are heating up on Lotus Bay.Swans Nest Inn is about to open, and Kathy Grant solicits her BFF, Tori Cannon, to help spruce up her property at the marshy end of Lotus Bay, only they didn’t count on finding a body. Who was he? What’s his connection to their friend Paul Darcy? Meanwhile, two entrepreneurs with vast business ties are interested in helping Tori reopen the Lotus Lodge, and their real motives are as murky as the bay after a storm. Will Swans Nest open on time? Will the Lotus Lodge reopen at all?

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