Monday, August 20, 2018

Resent Rescue Updates, Royal Albert Thrift Store Fun Finds

I am so excited as I write today's post. This weekend I rescued two teacups that mean a great deal to me. These are the Silver Birch Royal Albert Teacups and saucers. My friend Jen, loves this set and I can not wait to have her over for some wonderful Murchie's Tea and be able to use these with her. A few months ago I rescued the teapot from the same Salvation Army Thrift Store and I paid $6.99!
My friend Jen gave me a coupon for $10 off if I spent $25 at the thrift store, so I took advantage of it and I bought two of the six sets they had there.
This set is lovely and the cups are in such great shape. After a quick wash they were lovely to sip out of.
I could not be more excited though by the find of this orphaned saucer. I paid way more for it then I normally would but the reason why is that I got the matching cup about two years ago for $1! So now I have the set and it cost me a whopping $7.99!
Reunited and it feels so good! This is one of the cups of the month from Royal Albert and I literally danced up to the cash desk to pay!
I am so very thrilled with my Saturday finds and these will all be put to great use on my table and with my friends.
I am so thankful you took the time to join me today and I encourage you to pull out your teacups, rescue a teacup and take time for yourself.
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  1. What a lucky day you had! I look for tea sets every time I go to thrift stores and yard sales.
    I so enjoy your blog.