Wednesday, January 22, 2020

The Love of A Great Cat

I have been blessed to have in my life the love of a really amazing rescue cat. If you are new to my blog, I have a black and white, long haired, tuxedo, feral rescue cat, who came named Squirrel. I could look it up but I think she has been with me know almost 5 or 6 years. Originally we adopted her because of how she responded with my middle son, immediately connecting with him was a huge sign that she should come live with us. I swear this cat can sens anxiety and is intuitive and magical. We quickly formed a strong bond.
I knew that a choice I made this fall would separate us temporarily and it was a very difficult but necessary part of my transition. I was worried about leaving her behind, and visited her almost daily, and I worried she would not take to the new life when we were reunited, however I should never have feared. She was so cuddly and receptive and it was a huge relief.
I had, during our separation seen on Facebook I kept seeing adds for these funny pet portraits that make your pets portraits as if they were old world nobility and only because I love and have such a huge bond with my cat I CHOSE to have her immortalized as the very elegant and classy cat she is.  I have it hung up right where I can see it everyday and it makes me smile, even though my young friend Lily told me it was CHEESIE...I still think it is really fun and classy.

If you are looking to do a photo of your loved one there are several companies out there and since purchasing mine from Iconic Paw, I have seen many different styles and fun ideas from movie posters to mugs.
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