Sunday, March 15, 2015

Assault and Pepper First In The New Spice Shop Mystery Series Is Sensational!

I just finished readin Assault and Pepper tonight. A first in a new series by Leslie Budewitz. A Spice Shop Mystery set in Seattle's Famous Public Market. This is a wonderfully descriptive and captivating story.

I was drawn to this book by it's cover, having first seen it on a Facebook Page I follow called Chatting About Cozies I pre ordered the book like I do so many based on the cover, can you blame me? Look at that lovely shop set up and the tea pots!

As pretty as the cover is the story and the descriptions which accurately describe Seattle and the tantalizing spices and foods discussed make this a foodies dream series!
The book has a very believable setting, rich and diverse characters and a very good mystery. A great recipe for what I hope will be a long running series. Living as close to Seattle as I do this shop was a fun read for me after years of reading East Coast and Southern based cozies it was nice to find a little a little of that cozy feeling so close to home. I should also mention that the bonus recipes in the back of the book are also fantastic!

To find out more about Assault and Pepper or to order your own copy please click here
I look forward to another Spice Shop Mystery and hope we don't have to wait too soon!
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  1. Wonderful review as always! I really enjoy this book too.

  2. Oh, Karen -- thanks so much for the kind words and the lovely photos. It's great fun to take readers to Seattle, a city I have known and loved since I moved there for college decades ago. And when those who know the city think I got it right, I grin from earring to earring!

  3. Karen, every time I see these pictures, I smile! You asked about the next in the series: GUILTY AS CINNAMON is scheduled for December 2015.

    1. Thank you! I am so glad you like them as much as I like your work!