Monday, March 30, 2015

Davids Tea Easter Eggs Filled With Tea! Delightful!

Last Thursday night I picked up the most adorable trio of tea tins from David's Tea. I live very close to two stores and used a gift card I was given from a very thoughtful friend to bring these Easter Beauties home for my tea table.
 The tree flavors inside these tins are just under an ounce of Chocolate Macarron (a favorite black tea of mine), Forever Nuts a Herbal tea and Read My Lips (also a lovely black tea) These teas are amazing on their own and you can combine them to make some truly wonderful blends!
You can order on line at Davids Tea by clicking here or pop out to your local Davids tea and see if they have some left! I loved this set and I know the tea lover in your life will too!
Click here to see the listing on Davids Tea Website.
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  1. You had me at "chocolate." Going to have to check out this web site.

    1. If you like a chocolate strawberry tea their I love tea #7 is my favorite!