Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Tea Time Fairy Craft

Years ago I made a Kitchen Fairy not unlike the one I made  and I am sharing today. I was in Walmart and found these adorable Cupcake Themed Pot Holders, Oven Mitts and Tea Towels and was reminded of that Mothers Day craft I made all those years ago.
To make your own Tea Fairy you will need:
-Two Tea Towels
-One Pot Holder
-Yarn or String
-A Tea Ball (Or tea strainer, I ordered mine on Ebay)

Step 1- Remove the tags from you pot holders and tea towels. Use a bit of your yarn and slip it around the middle of your pot holder as I have done in the top right photo. Bring your yarn together and tie a tight bow. This creates your Fairy wings.
Step 2- Bunch your Main Tea Towel so that you create a head for your fairy and tie a bow with more yarn.
Step 3- Fold or roll your other tea towel as shown in the photo above, place your Fairy body on top. Slide the wings in behind and use more yarn to secure it in place.
Step 4- Fold the ends of your fairy arms inwards and use more yarn to hold them together in front of the fairies body. Slide your tea ball or your tea strainer into place and secure with more yarn if needed.
Step 5- Attach more yarn so that your fairy can hang in your kitchen add a slip not around the back of the fairy wings. Now your fairy is ready to be displayed in your kitchen or give as a gift. You can always undo and use the pot holder and tea towels and of course the tea ball for tea time.

To order your own heart shaped tea strainers here are where I ordered some of mine.
Click here for a Heart Shaped Tea Strainer on Ebay

I hope you enjoyed this tea time craft!
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