Sunday, October 25, 2015

Enchanted Entryway Tea Craft

Today I am sharing a tea craft I have just created in memory of my friend Joyce Lavene. I have always loved Enchanted Entryway Doors and I wanted to make one and really make it my own.
Enchanted Entryways, known to some as fairy doors or doors to the other side are a whimsical way to invite "others" into your life.

Earlier this year I read a wonderful book by Joyce and Jim Lavene called Be my Banshee, a Purple Door Detective Agency  was where I learned of the purple door lore. It is said that a purple door or a gate way lets others know a witch lives here.
I created mine with my friend in mind and in keeping with lore, I have painted it purple.  I do love purple and some of my favorite books Joyce and her husband Jim wrote were about witches, fairies and other magical creatures that I love reading about. Enchanted Entryway's make wonderful gifts for the very young to the very old. They are popular on Etsy and other companies who specialize in Fairy Doors. Here is how you can make your own.
To make your own you will need:
-A Small Craft Door (I got mine at Michael's The Craft store it is by Art Minds)
-Paint in any color you like
-A paint brush
-hot glue gun
-button or other hardware you wish to use as a door knob (I used a raised button)

Step 1- Paint the first coat on your door, make sure to get all the edges and allow to dry completely between coats.
Step 2- Be sure to paint the sides, top and bottom of the door.

Step 3- Once you are happy with the coverage of your paint on the door and it has dried, plug your glue gun in and select the button you wish to use for the knob and figure out where you want to place it.  Add your glue and press the button or hardware into place. Allow it to dry.
Step 4- Touch up any spots with paint that you feel need covering.

Step 5- Once dry you can attach it to your wall or lean it against a special spot on a shelf near your books and tea.

I love how mine turned out and I think my friend would have approved. Thank you for joining me for a cup of tea and a cozy mystery. A Dickens of A Murder by Joyce and Jim Lavene is coming out November 3rd. You can order your own copy by clicking here. 


  1. What a lovely idea. I had tea with a friend yesterday and I thought of you. She has a beautiful Queen Victoria tea set that she bought at Windsor Castle. She would love the purple door - her house is filled with lavender and purple colors.

    1. How wonderful! I hope you will make her one as a gift and share the photo with me!

  2. Awesome! My favorite color! I must make one! Cool story behind it!! I'd have a real purple door if I didn't rent!!

  3. Looks awesome. I loved the Lavender and was so saddened by their passing.

  4. Looks awesome. I loved the Lavender and was so saddened by their passing.