Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Hooking For Trouble by Betty Hechtman

Sunday was a rainy and blustery day at my place so I spent much of the day with Betty Hechtman's Hooking For Trouble.  Out November 1st this crochet mystery has a fantastic title an I love the cover. Hooking for trouble is book 11 and was actually my favorite book in the series so far. I loved being back with the gang and seeing what they were all up to. I love that main character Molly Pink turns 50 in this book and that she only improves with age, gives a girl something to look forward to! 
This was a great mystery and I did not figure out the killer until it was revealed. It was a fun story line as murder mysteries go and I know that others who enjoy this series will be thrilled with it.
The Tarzana Hookers’ Yarn University has been a big success, and the classes have drawn in a slew of new crochet devotees. A less welcome arrival is the boxy monstrosity in the yard behind Molly’s house. She hasn’t met her new neighbors, but when she sees a couple struggling on the balcony and later spies what looks like someone lying on the ground, Molly wastes no time calling in her ex, homicide detective Barry Greenberg.  To Molly’s shock, Barry reports that nothing is amiss with her neighbors and asks her to lay off with the amateur detecting. Molly knows she wasn’t just seeing things, but with no body to prove her case she’ll have to unravel the evidence on her own—because someone in Tarzana is tangled up in murder...

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