Thursday, October 6, 2016

My Witches Tea Party and A Bit of Halloween Decorating I Have Been Doing...

It is now close enough to Halloween for me to share a bit more about my Witches Tea Party that is coming up on October 26th, it is on line and you are invited. In celebration with Kathi Daley I am participating in a week long event October 23-31st on Facebook. With the 26th being my day to take over the hosting duties for the day. I have invited a few of my author friends who have agreed to join me and do fun games as well as giveaways through out the day. This is the first year and the first time I am doing something like this so I am hoping you will all pop over and say hello at some point during the party!
 To join the event you can click this link and you can join it now, I will remind you to pop over and visit on the 26th.

While we are getting ready for the on line event I am also getting ready for Halloween at my own home. I am particularly excited to share how well I think my outside tea area turned out this year! I was hoping to make it look like two ghost witches where having tea (How Paranormal Cozy Mystery of me I know). I think that I have achieved that with the use of floral wires and a few accessories from the dollar store, what do you think?  A few of the dogs in the neighborhood along with people approaching my front door have been spooked so I think I have done a good job!
My eight year old son and I set to work Saturday morning to transform the front window bench into a "store front' type window display. I think the orange twinkle lights are my favorite part.

Now for photos from my last few Witches Tea parties...

The last two summers I have hosted a witches tea in August at my home, Octobers tend to be a busy wet time here on the West Coast and to avoid the nasty weather and get some fun outside shots I host the party in August just before school heads back. I frame a photo of the tea each year and I love how these professional photos turned out. My friend and photographer Karolina Wojciak has a way at capturing the magic of the moment! The photo above is from this year and below last years.
I have some really fun friends who come out to enjoy a cup of tea and an afternoon of dress up fun!

Growing up I loved watching Bewitched and while other young girls may have wanted to become princesses, I pretty much was the opposite.

Many years ago I fell in love with the photo shown above which is widely speculated to be just a gathering of older Welsh women, but I prefer to refer to it as a Witches Tea party. I always wanted to recreate the photo and now it is an annual and growing event!
Here is a more casual photo with out Karolina's magic and all my guests big and small. I will be sharing more of my Witches tea party photos, crafts, memes and ideas during the October 26th event, I hope you will come join in the fun!
Thank you for joining me for a cup of tea and a cozy mystery event! I would love to hear from you so please leave me a comment here or email me at


  1. I love seeing pictures of your Halloween decorations and Witches Tea Party. Very impressive!

  2. LOVE all these pictures! What a great idea for a tea party. Your display with the ghost witches is awesome. :) I am already going to the FB event so I'll be watching for your reminders about your time slot.