Friday, October 21, 2016

Susan Boles Death of a Wolfman, A Lily Gayle Lambert Mystery

I was sent Susan Boles Death of a Wolfman to review this week and I just finished reading it last night. This was a very good read. Perfect for Halloween this cozy takes place at the end of October and first week of November. This is the first Lily Gayle Lambert Mystery and it was so much fun, I would love to read another. The relationship between Lily Gayle and her Cousin Ben is fantastic, actually it was one of the best cozy series banter I think I have read in a really long time. It was easy to picture the two of them from the descriptions and the well written dialog of all the characters in this story but it was especially true between Lily Gayle and her Cousin Ben. There are some really funny lines in this book, southern charm and grace too.  I very much loved the Genealogy twist to this cozy, I loved thee way that Susan wove this tale and used history and modern tv show references to make this story feel alive. Great book, easy to read and a joy to have on my table this week.
The first book in the Lily Gayle Lambert Mystery series.Quicker than she can stitch together the threads of a genealogy project she's just signed on to research, Lily Gayle Lambert finds herself embroiled in investigating the murder of a stranger who suffers from 'wolfman syndrome'. And, when a member of a prominent family turns up dead soon after the 'wolfman', Lily Gayle must find the link between the two and solve the mystery before she becomes the next target.Escaping from a trailer in the woods owned by two good ole boys and a confrontation with the eldest son of the town's wealthiest family have Lily Gayle hot on the trail of the killer...much to the consternation of her cousin. Who just happens to be the County Sheriff. With the help of her lifelong best friend, Dixie, and town busybody, Miss Edna, she pieces together the clues leading to a conclusion that shocks the entire town.

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