Saturday, December 17, 2016

On My Table And In My Cup December 10-17th

I have been blessed this week with great reads and great friends. On my table and in my life, kindness has surrounded me. Yesterday I was surprised by some amazing ladies with holiday gifts that were absolute surprises and delightful ones at that. Saffron tea from Iran, a beautiful friendship teaspoon, handmade coasters, chocolates and a bath balm treat I am so looking forward to using.

I have had fantastic books to read this week. I was thrilled when my copy of Locking Up Santa arrived from Nikki LeClair! Fantastic holiday read and out now! 
Laura Bradford's February release Death In Advertising was a great first in series and a cast of characters I loved, I hope you will too. Mark your calender's for this release!
Not normally one in my mind for historical books but this book had me looking at historical cozies in a whole new way. Funny, exciting and completely cozy this Mail Order Bride mystery by J.v.L Bell was completely fun.
Kathi Daley and her Whales and Tails Mystery The Cat of Christmas Present was so good I was balling at the end. Heartwarming, story of overcoming adversity, family and a little holiday magic made this a great read, out now and worth downloading to your kindle app, grabbing a blanket and a pot of tea and escaping for the day.
Fudge & Jury by Ellie Alexander a delightful and delectable series, fun, foodie themed mystery and the best mother/daughter relationship going! Be sure to order this one as well!

Friday I had Erma Bombeck on my table, one of my favorites. A great lady who wrote about life in away only a mother could truly appreciate, relate too and rejoice in. Even now more then 40 years after this book was published I found myself laughing and crying. Not a mystery, or a how too book but a cozy feeling read for sure.

If you are wondering did I really read 5 cozies this week the truth is yes I really did, I also squeezed in two non cozy books to share reviews of shortly as well. No I have no idea how I did it either, other then to say, great writers make reading that much easier. Using words, settings and themes that are too hard to put down and irresistible truly helps as well. Thank you for joining me for a cup of tea, a cozy mystery and a week in review. I would love to hear from you so please leave me a comment here or email me at

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