Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Giving Up The Ghosts by Charity Thamaseb

Giving up the Ghosts by Charity Tahmaseb is the second book in the Coffee and Ghosts Series.
This story sucked me in from page one and was a wonderful paranormal cozy short mystery. It paired well with my rushed morning and gave me something to look forward to continuing on my journey between shuffling and picking up children. I love the way that main character Katy and her business partner Malcolm interact. I think this is a brilliant premise for a paranormal mystery series and as a lover of tea, this is the perfect series for me. This is a series I purchased and I have 3 more of these wonderful stories to go!
 Katy Lindstrom has used coffee to catch ghosts since she was five years old--a handy skill in a town with an overabundance of spirits. Now Katy wants to make her newly-minted ghost-hunting business thrive. Never mind that her partner, Malcolm Armand, is her former rival, not to mention a bit … distracting.
When a routine ghost eradication ends in disaster, clues point to someone close to Malcolm. But something sinister lurks in Springside Township, something Katy’s never encountered in all her years of ghost hunting, and something that has her doubting all her skills. It will take more than high-end beans and the perfect cup of coffee this time around. It will take trust and teamwork and possibly a sacrifice Katy’s not ready to make. 

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