Sunday, March 19, 2017

Nascar and Me by Karen M. Owen

It is Sunday and today I wanted to share something I wrote and a bit about myself. When people I meet find out about my favorite sport they almost always shake their head and the most common thing I hear them say is, "I just can't see that about you." It makes me smile to surprise people in this way and try to explain my love of Nascar.  I hope you will indulge me in reading the poem I wrote today. I promise to share about a cozy mystery series with Nascar references before I end today's post.

Nascar and Me
It's about family, grit and determination,
aerodynamics, science, team work.
It is about history and the future.
It is about engineering, marketing and coming together.
It is speed, it is sound, it is smell, it is taste and it is fun.
Heartbreaking, heart pounding, love, tires squealing, and over the wall.
 For me it is delight.
Safety, it is about drivers, fans and crew. 
All as one
This is my Nascar.

by Karen M. Owen 
I did not grow up a Nascar fan but I came to love Nascar when my boys were young. For the last 12 years Nascar has given me so many opportunities, a better understanding and a love of cars. It has let me dream, included me and welcomed me. I have been to several tracks, driven 9 hot laps, in Daytona and Las Vegas. I have muscle memory of each turn and when I watch the races of the tracks I have been, I feel connected.I have spent countless hours watching and learning.  No other sport captivates me the way Nascar does. I have been to 7 races. Each twist, turn and lap for me holds magic. No other sport lets you have access to their athletes from the drivers to the pit crew. No other sport works collectively as a community harder for Autism Awareness and support as NASCAR. Nascar has helped me through my journey with autism and helped me in so many more ways.
Today I feel truly blessed to share that love with you and today with my family.
Today the sacrifice and the struggles give way to science and speed. To dreams and realities. 
Carol J. Perry writes a wonderful paranormal series that is about a very strong woman who happens to be a NASCAR widow. This is a very endearing series and magical at that. To learn more about Carol J. Perry and her Witch City Mystery Series please click here.  Her newest book is out this August and I can not wait!

Thank you for joining me for a cup of tea and allowing me to share a bit about myself with you all today. I would love to hear from you so please leave me a comment here or email me at 

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