Sunday, March 5, 2017

The Irish Country Women's Association Book of Tea and Company

Late last week a book I ordered from The Book Depository arrived called The Irish Countrywomen's Association Book of Tea and Company. I had been looking forward to reading this combination cookbook and inspirational devotional. It is beautiful to look at and has some truly wonderful recipes. My sister even came over to help me learn to make the Chocolate Swiss Roll, I will tell you I need more practice on this one, you should be able to tell mine cracked! I was defeated by my lack of patience. My sister makes a great one so I may just get her to make me one next time I have a craving for this type of cake.  Having this book on my table has given me comfort, helped me feel more connected to my own history, one I only recently came to know about through my DNA discovery I did with 23&Me. Learning of my Irish heritage felt like it was like a very large victory for myself and my siblings. Our mother who was adopted at age 5 never knew who she was or where she came from, always though had a special place in her heart for all that was Irish, sadly she passed away before this type of testing was available like it is today. In finding out who I was through DNA, I was also finding out about her. But back to the book, I can tell you that this is a book series I am going to be adding more of them to my table for sure. I can not wait to try to make the brown bread, and many of the other recipes found through out this book.
I found the attention to the little things the ribbon bookmark that is included to add to its charm. Along with the quotes, stories, poems and prayers this book is truly like having a hug on your table.
It is said that 'where there is tea there is hope', and the women of the ICA have long recognised the value of teatime as a source of comfort to punctuate the day. But tea needs company and now they share with you their favourite accompaniments: food to eat and food for thought. You will find favourite teatime recipes to suit every occasion from Irish homes all across the country. These are the tried and tested homely recipes you remember from your mammy and granny. As well as taking comfort in the food, you will be inspired by a selection of the ICA women's favourite words of wisdom: cherished lines from poetry, prayer, quotes and sayings. So whether you are having a busy day, a quiet day, a good day or a bad day, you are guaranteed to find inspiration here to stop for a moment and take stock before getting on with your day again with lifted spirits
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