Tuesday, April 14, 2015

A Cup of Tea and Nails To Match? A Jamberry Fundraiser For Families Living With Autism

A friend of mine is a Jamberry Nail rep living in the USA. I had never heard of these nail wraps until I was setting up a fundraiser with another friend of mine to help families in the USA, like mine (though we live in Canada) who live with children with Autism. I am a mom of three boys as some of you may know and two of my boys have Autism. I belong to many groups who fund raise to help families like mine get access to therapy, equipment and life skills training through out the year but especially in April.
Tonight through April 21st we are hosting a FACEBOOK event where 10% of each order will go to benefit families living with Autism access therapy tools, toys and equipment. While my family will not personally benefit from this fundraiser we know how much it means to families like ours to have the support of our on line community.
You can join our Facebook Event by clicking here.  You may also see what Jamberry has to offer on the consultant's website and our event page by clicking here.
Tonight was the first time I have ever done anything like this on my nails. I was thrilled with how easily these nail wraps went on and how they look!

 I also love that they match my china! There are so many wonderful Tea themed and floral prints to choose from.  Below are some of the ones I have added to my wish list and I am ordering for this fundraiser.

This set is called Cup of Tea Click here to see it on the website.
This one is called Tea Time Click here to see it on the website.
The nail wrap I am wearing and loving is called French Countryside and is a perfect match for my china pattern Old Country Roses. Click here to view it on the website.

I am so thankful to my friend Sheryl for sharing with me her passion for nails and sending me this set of nail wraps to review in time for our fundraiser and I know I am hooked! I can not wait to do my nails again and perfectly coordinated with my tea times!

Thank you for joining me for a cup of tea and a cozy mystery today, I am off to continue reading Orange As Marmalade by Fran Stewart.
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