Thursday, April 30, 2015

Heading To Malice? Take Me With You!

Today many wonderful authors and super mystery fans are off to Malice today. I only recently learned about Malice, this conference sounds amazing. Offered to mystery lovers and authors alike this three day convention in Washington DC offers mystery fans the chance to get up close and personal with several of their favorite authors. As I see many of my favorite authors and fellow Facebook cozy mystery fans regularly on Facebook I want to wish them safe travels. I see many of them posting that they are heading to this annual spring event today and send my best wishes and hope that they will have a fantastic time. Living on the West Coast the cost of going to Malice is very high for me but perhaps I will have to save my loonies and put this conference on my bucket list!
To learn more about Malice please click here. I can not wait to see the photos and hear the stories from this weekends event. If you happen to be heading to the conference, tell them all I say hello!
With you in Spirit! Thank you for joining me for this quick cup of tea.
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  1. It would be so neat to go to this conference, and meet the authors. Looked at the Malice website, and the listing of the past meetings, some wonderful people have been through that meeting hall. Hope you will pass on some of the photos you receive.

  2. It would be incredible to go to the conference:) Can't wait to see all the pictures from everyone.

  3. I'm going to make it one of these years!

  4. It would be amazing to go sometime. They should have it in Seattle.

  5. I would totally love to go there. If only it was closer!