Wednesday, April 8, 2015

The Serenity Stone Murder by Marianne Jones

I was sent this lovely Canadian Cozy Mystery to read and review and this little lovely did not disappoint. Set in Thunder Bay Ontario this mystery is well written and very easy to picture from the descriptions Author Marianne Jones shares of both the scenery and the characters that come to life in this story of nosy friends Margaret and Louise.
Like all good cozies this one has a wonderful pet side kick named Vince who has a fondness for unconventional "table scraps" and Cracker Jacks. This story had moments of humor and good fortune for the main characters who find themselves more invested in a trip to the "Big City" then they had originally planed.

You can bring home your own piece of "Canadianna" and have this lovely book adorn your tea table by clicking here for the Indigo/Chapters listing.
Or on your KOBO by clicking here.
For my American readers you can find it on by clicking here in both paper back or in Kindle Format

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