Tuesday, November 3, 2015

New Book And New Tea Monday Was Good To Me!

Well Monday's for some are not the best but mine turned out okay! Lisa K and I were chatting about cozies and she told me about Death by Coffee by Alex Erickson which was on sale for $1.99 on Amazon, the next one coming out is called Death by Tea so you know I am going to want to read it by the title alone! I ordered it and instantly it came to my Kindle, I do love paper best but the need to read got me!
I stopped by Davids Tea and tried their new new herbal tea called Snow Day and it is brilliant, it has mint leaves, chocolate chips and snowflake sprinkled sugar insided. I tried it in store and loved it, I picked up the skinny tin and think I will go back for 100 grm tin. It is a lovely afternoon tea and very soothing.

 Perfect for kids too as it is mostly caffeine free (the only caffeine is in the chocolate chips)
Click here to view Davids Tea and the new teas out for the season.
I am so glad I stopped in store today! You can get the slim tin 2 for $15 or $9 each in store. On line 50grms $7.75 and 100 grms is $15,50

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