Thursday, November 5, 2015

Death By Coffee by Alex Erickson

I just finished Death By Coffee by Alex Erickson. My friend Lisa K suggested it to me and it was on sale on Amazon for my Kindle app for $1.99 which was a good deal. The story is about a woman who moves to a smaller town to open a business with her friend. A Coffee and Book Shop called Death By Coffee.
The story was okay and the mystery was good but I really did not feel it was overly cozy for a cozy. I liked the characters but feel like there should have been more too them, which  I am sure will happen in book 2 Death by Tea which comes out in a few weeks on November 24th 
I felt like I wanted to get to know the main characters a little bit more and the book felt like a sneak peak. I am glad I ordered this book and enjoyed the mystery, I would love to know what you thought about this book if you have read it so please do let me know!
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