Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Today Is Remembrance Day In Canada. Today I Choose To Remember Under My Maple Tree

Today is Remembrance Day here in Canada a day where we remember all those who have gave their lives and continue to fight for the freedom we here in Canada experience and enjoy daily. I am well aware that freedom is not free and I wish to express my thanks to the men, women and families who have made it their mission to take on defending our rights so that we may continue to live and enjoy those rights and freedoms.
 This morning frost  has again settled on my Maple leaves that blanket the ground. I love how the bare limbs of the tree can be seen in my teacup. Watching the seasons change under this tree while reading anyone of the cozy mystery series I love is truly a delight and one of the ways I express my freedom. I love this tree in the Summer for the shade it provides and then curse it when it drops 40 bags full of leaves by the end of November. Last year the leaves started to return in January, for me it is one of the signs that Spring will return again.
Pretty sure this was under that tree in late January 2 years ago, on the West Coast of Canada we get some lovely warm winter days.
Filtered light through the tree in late spring....
The perfect spot for am impromptu summer breakfast tea party.
Or for just reading with a friend.
Full here in this photo when the leaves were starting to turn.
and as the leaves started to fall just before Halloween night....

Thank you for joining me for A Cup of Tea and A Cozy Mystery today and for taking time to remember the service men women and families today and always.

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