Thursday, February 18, 2016

Creating A Cozy Spot Of My Own To Read.

Personally my favorite place to read and the coziest spot at home is outside under my Maple tree. However it is the rainy season here and that is not really possible 7 months of the year. I want to say that I have a very cozy corner to curl up in and read in side our home but I don't. I have been wanting to and looking to change that. Today I am sharing with you part of that transformation.
We rent and as much as I would love to carve out a corner all to myself, the best I have is this corner of the living room/dining room where I have a table and my computer. Up until now the  photos of my tea at my table were as cozy as it got.

 This week I got a new to me couch this week from a Facebook community group.  It was better then what we had and in much better shape.The main room here is pretty much where everything happens in the house and the couch has pretty much just been where the laundry pile grows. The old couch was anything but inspiring or inviting.  My problem with the new couch and the one we previously had is that they felt way to low, I always feel like I am sitting on the floor. The little legs only took the couch about 3 inches off the floor.  I had an idea on how to fix that. I looked on line for couch legs but was frustrated at the price and that the highest I could find reasonably priced were only 4 inches high. I then remembered the old fashion bed legs I had on my twin bed growing up. I did a quick search and found that Canadian Tire (A large everything you need store from hockey equipment to car goods and more) had them in stock and under $15 for 6 legs.
The extra inches really made a big difference!
This is my new to me couch now. It was better then what we had and in much better shape. The extra 6 inches really made it feel more comfortable and I think it looks much better.
Now I feel like I have a much comfier spot to sit and read. I love this pillow I ordered last year on Etsy and I have ordered myself a different pillow ( I seem to have a thing for throw pillows) that can go on the couch and look great on the chairs outside when the weather gets better.

Ultimately I would love to have a very cozy corner like this one in the photo above with built in shelves (and no sign of clean or dirty laundry!) but for now I will work on keeping the couch largely clear of the piles of laundry and try to keep it as inviting as possible so that I can curl up with a good book and perhaps enjoy a cozy nap or too.
I think I will go curl up there now and five in to Tea with Jam and Dread.

Thank you for joining me for a cup of tea and a cozy mystery. I would love to hear from you and see your own cozy reading spaces! Please leave me comment here or email here at


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  2. We are alike with alot of things I do have my favorite cozy space to work, I feel better working and even more productive thought out the day.

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