Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Waiting On The Mail Man, And A Tale Of Two Chili's

Yesterday I am happy to report the mail man delivered a few new reads! Oh the smell & feel of paperbacks!
While I awaited the arrival of the mail I was trying to figure out what to make for dinner so I put out on Facebook a question of what everyone was having and I was so thrilled with how many responses and recipes I got. My friend Sheryl from Booth Talks Books sent me the recipe she was making and I decided to make it as well. The recipe is from raisingjane.org 

This was the most delicious chili I have ever made!  Click here for the recipe.
Colorful and flavorful!

I even made cornbread that went with it.
I am so excited that I have left overs for tomorrow too!
With dinner done it was time to sit down to read a few more chapters in the ARC of Charlene D'Avanzo's Cold Blood Hot Sea.
I hope you have enjoyed today's post and that you are inspired to make a lovely chili and cornbread yourself! 
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