Sunday, February 21, 2016

Tea With Jam and Dread, Delightfully Delicious and So Entertaining!

Sometimes I pick books by their covers, this one I picked by the name. I was thrilled to be approved to read Tamar Myers Tea with Jam and Dread.  This was a very funny and oddly exciting mystery. The main character is not the most believable of characters but by God she is the funniest and most witty woman of immeasurable faith. 
It is at times hysterically funny, it is endearing and I picture main character Magdalena as a Mennonite Super Hero, who hides her cape in her sturdy Christian Under Clothes.  This story feels very relevant with the times  and even the political climate of the USA right now. This story is a wonderful blend of religion, politics, long standing feuds, ghosts, murders, friendship, deception and more...

Tea with Jam and Dread was such a hoot! Very entertaining and just and  all over enjoyably fun read. 
I would in a heart beat read anything by Tamar Myers in the future and look forward to looking at some past works as well. 

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  1. have you discovered all these tea mystery books? It's amazing. I guess you are able to read one book per day, like my hubby and son. It takes me 2 - 3 weeks to read one book. I can't speed read to save my life! But I do enjoy reading a lot.