Monday, February 29, 2016

Finished The Grim Steeper! Wonderful Addition To The Series!

Well I finished The Grim Steeper last night by Amanda Copper and I am so delighted with this entire series I wanted to share my photo of all three books.
This was such an interesting story with twists and turns I had not expected and I was very surprised by who really was the murderer! Amanda Cooper truly found a unique way of having main character Sophie with piecing the actual murder down. I enjoyed all the old characters and Silver Spouts as well as their roles in solving the case and I think you will enjoy this story too!

 "Mid-October in the charming Finger Lakes town of Gracious Grove means it s time for the annual Fall Fling Townwide Tea Party. The highlight of the festivities is a roaming tea-tasting, which includes a stop at Auntie Rose s Victorian Tea House. Sophie Taylor would like to share her enjoyment of the event with her sort-of boyfriend, English teacher Jason Murphy, but Jason s dean has accused him of falsifying grades to help an athlete at the local college. Steamed and stressed, Jason shows up the night of the party with bags under his eyes. But the dean shows up under Sophie s Japanese Maple later that night, murdered, and now Jason is suspected of far worse than fudging grade reports. It s up to Sophie, her Nana, and their friends the Silver Spouts to pore over the clues to find out who really decided to teach the dean a lesson."

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