Thursday, May 4, 2017

May The 4TH Be With You...

From my table to yours this morning May the 4th be with you. It was with me last night for sure. I apologize for not having my post ready to go this morning. I spent the later part of my mother in laws 70th birthday in the hospital.
Before you panic I am okay now. I made the mistake of enjoying something from my husbands plate that had shellfish on it and even though I knew I had an allergy and so did my husband in the moment neither of us remembered. I carry benadryl with me and took one right away but it was not enough so the kids went off with my sister in law for cake and we went to the hospital for a few hours. I will be the proud owner of an epi pen from now on. When I learned about the allergy more than 20 years ago no one had epi pens, but just glad I had benadryl with me.

I swear I am all good now, even tried reading in the hospital.
I am home now and feeling much better. I did not however finish my book, so hoping to share that review tomorrow.
Funny story from yesterday though when I was puppy sitting Maisy, I took a bathroom break and noticed when I got back she stole my book out of my purse.
Maisy has great taste in books! Sinking both our teeth into this one today!
Thank you for joining me here today  for a cup of tea and May the 4th be with you.
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