Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Nightshade For Warning by Bailey Cattrell

This week I took my time in finishing Nightshade for warning a second in series by Bailey Cattrell, who I learned is also Bailey Cates. I really enjoyed this mystery. It had lots of elements I thought made it special. I like the magical twist as this is very paranormal lite, but I also loved the idea of the main character Ellie living in a tiny house, with her Corgi and who has an amazing Enchanted Garden set up with lots of little fairy gardens. Ellie is completely likeable, relatable too. She is the older sister to a much younger 1/2 brother and sister, and seems to be the glue that holds her family and her community together. Great supporting cast, twists and turns I could not help but smile about. I also wish I had her keen sense of smell and green thumb. I think you will enjoy this book on its own even if you have not read the first one, not having read the first one I felt like I was right in step in book two. Really good read, great cozy and come on a Corgi as a pet! This is one to read and enjoy!

This book is out now and you can find it on Amazon by clicking here. 
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