Friday, November 16, 2018

Tales From The Tea Shop- Prince Charles and The Christmas Miracle

A few weeks ago I had a customer in my shop who was visiting from Toronto. We chatted about tea as she made her selections and picked up souvenirs to bring back to friends. About 15 minutes into our exchange she asked me to pull down the Prince Charles Blend and to measure her out 8 oz. I did as she asked and as I did the scent of the tea filled the area where we were standing and my customer, took a deep breath.

"I will always remember my first cup of Prince Charles Tea, It was December, and I was in the Park Royal North location, busy trying to get all the Christmas shopping done, I was frustrated, I was hungry and thirsty and at my wits end. I stopped in to Murchie's and got a pastry and a cup of tea, the lady behind the counter made my tea and as I sat there sipping the tea and eating my pastry, a wave of calm and peace washed over me. It was a true Christmas miracle, in that moment all the stress just washed away"

I smiled at her and told her how much I loved that story and I asked if I could write it down and share, she said absolutely. She also mentioned that she had not thought of that moment for quite some time.

She said "I so miss Murchie's Tea when I am home in Toronto"  and I reminded her that we will ship to her as well, she smiled and took our card. As she left, she turned and took one last look at the tea shop, breathed deeply and then left.  I was thrilled to have had her in the store, and this memory to share.

Thank you for joining me here for a cup of tea and another Tale from the Tea Shop...
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  1. To work in a tea shop would be such a nice job. To be around all the different blends and the aromas would be exhilarating! I love your stories and am so pleased that you share them. I wish there was a tea shop close to where I live.

  2. I am so happy to read your Tea Tales!