Tuesday, June 2, 2015

365 Things Every Tea Lover Should Know...

One of my most loved and used tea books is 365 Things Every Tea Lover Should know. I purchased this book last year from The Book Depository and I use it almost every day.
This little book has brought me such pleasure, knowledge and fun. Their are tea tips, quotes and wisdom. I love it's small size and I have taken it easily in my purse and keep it by my computer.
Priced under $7 USA with free delivery from The Book Depository this little tea book is a very good value and a treasured book. When I ordered it I did so because I loved the cover and I was interested in the idea that I could learn something new about tea every day, however I read it cover to cover in one sitting and I stop and refer to it almost daily now.

If you are looking for a new little tea book to love, or a great stocking suffer for the tea lover in your life this is a book I highly recommend.
Thank you for joining me for a Cup of Tea and A Cozy Book About Tea! The Mystery is which flavor is in my cup....can you guess? Leave a comment below and if you are correct I may just have to send you a sample of the tea I enjoyed during the writing of this post.
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  1. Thank you for telling me about this book Karen. I'm going to check it out...looks interesting.
    It looks like you're drinking some sort of citrus tea, maybe orange or tangerine?

    1. That cup was a black tea, actually called Vanilla Ice Cream from Neverland Tea Salon. It is fantastic.