Monday, June 8, 2015

Shabby Chic Reading Lamp Tea Time Craft

Last weekend I was driving by a friends home when there neighbor had left unsold items out from their yard sale with a FREE sign on them.  I grabbed a very dated lamp  I thought I could try to re-purpose for my own use. The above is the after photo  and below is the before.

Now that I am 40 I will be honest that I need more light then ever it seems when I sit down to read, as the lamp worked and it was free I was able to get the look I saw on pinterest with out much expense. All in I spent under $15 Canadian and have a great Shabby Chic lamp for my cozy corner.

  Here is how I did it and what you will need:

-1 Unloved Lamp and Shade
-Spray Paint
-Painters Tape
-Acrylic Paint
-Foam Paint Brush
-Paper Plate
-Used cardboard to cover your work area outdoors

Step 1- Cover the socket part of your lamp with painters tape. Place on a covered outdoor work area

Step 2- Check the direction of the wind and stand back from the lamp as you spray about 1 foot or 12 inches from the lamp. If you are too close you will get drips as I did. Try to go as evenly as possible.One side of my lamp is in no way perfect the other side is passable. Live and learn, not to spray too much too close! Set aside and let dry.

Step 3- Paint the lamp shade. I chose a light blue to match the china cups I use and simply brushed on two coats of paint letting it dry between coats. Once dry I added the light bulb and replaced the shade, plugged it in admired my work.

While it did not turn out perfect I am really happy with the lamp and it will work perfectly in my outdoor covered cozy corner, once I get it built, I hope to share with you all soon.
Thank you for joining me for A Cup of Tea and A Cozy Tea Craft today, back with more mystery tomorrow.
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  1. Lovely! You inspire me! I'm so glad I found you. I am a tea drinker and mystery reader. Not too crafty, but when I see your tutorial, I know I could do it! Karen, you are a breath of fresh air for this old lady. Keep up the good work!

    1. Martha I am so thrilled you found me too! I love that you took time to comment! Let me know if you do try it! Honestly it was not that hard and while I made mistakes (drips down one side) I still like how it turned out and I would do it again! Trick is not to spray to much or too close!

  2. Since my eyes are much older than yours, Karen, I have to have a lot of light around me, on me, beside me, on top of me, just to be able to read or do anything really. But it happens and what a nice free find to experiment with. You still have lots of paint left I am sure, so the next project will be almost "free" or will cut down the cost of this particular project.

    You did a lovely job from what I can see, but remember, I don't see that well. hehe.

    Keep up the great work.


    1. As long as you do not turn my lamp around it looks great, I did have some drip marks on the back.I need the light more and more! LOL

  3. Nice job Karen. It looks great!!

    1. Thank you, now I am hoping to find a few more to do. I will keep you posted!