Thursday, June 4, 2015

Yard Sale Beauty, $2 Teapot Find!

My friend Lori was at a community yard sale this past weekend and she picked me up a tea set she new I would like for $2.
This lovely container revealed a stunning bone china tea pot, over sized teacup where the pot can rest and a large saucer!
The teapot is beautifully decorated and I love the design.
One of my favorite types of tea cups are those that have a pattern on the inside lip of the cup. I love how it matches!
This is such a lovely find and here is the info on the bottom of the box. 

I would love to rescue every teapot and cup and saucer set I find however I find I am met with to many questions about the amount of teapots already in my possession....
Karen's A Cup of Tea And A Cozy Mystery Tip #1 -Things never to ask a woman:
Her age. Her bra size. How many books she may have. Why do she may need another, How many tea sets she owns or how many tea cups in her is rude to do so, unless a true intervention is required. **Disclaimer as I do not need an intervention (really I don't). I use all the teapots, sets, cups and saucers in my collection. If there is a book in my house I have read it and it is now a trophy and no I am not yet ready to let go. I will own up to my age, I will own up to my bra size but you would be hard pressed to get a straight answer on the amount of books, tea sets and cups and saucers in my possession.  
Thank you for joining me for my new cup of Tea/Tea pot post and my Tea and Cozy Mystery Tip. The mystery of today's post shall remain the amount of items in my personal possession related to tea...
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  1. Aww! Love the tea set, Lori is really a good friend of yours, what a nice surprise. Reading Murder is Binding, a Booktown murder mystery by Lorna Barrett, is about bookstores in a small tourist community. Very entertaining reading. Love your blogs and FB page, have a great day.

    1. Those are my favorites! I can not wait for the new one! Those books are fantastic! I love that Author!