Wednesday, February 10, 2016

A Tassamara Box Set Simply The Best Box Set I Have Ever Read!

I finished Sarah Wynde's Tasssamara Box set  last night and I have to say it was the best box set I ever read.

A Tassamara Box Set included A Gift of Ghosts, A Gift of Thought and A Gift of Time, with bonus short story, The Spirits of Christmas.

 While I had read a gift of Ghosts, I wanted to spend more time in Tassamara and with the most amazing paranormal characters in these stories. This book collection is so much more then a Paranormal Cozy Mystery Set, it is the very best ghost stories I have ever read. These stories have a healthy dose of mystery, romance, weird and so many wonderful happenings!

 This was such an enjoyable set of stories, told from so many different and wonderful points of view that it is so much more then magical, so much more then fantasy. I can only compare it to a Modern-day yet more realistic Harry Potter type town with out all the pomp and awesome wardrobes. I truly wish these books were a tv series as I could see each aspect of the story play out in my head as if I was truly apart of the story on screen. I can not find enough of the right words to accurately express how much I enjoyed all of these stories. 

If you are someone who travels or someone looking for a weekend get away read this is the box set for you. While I have it as kindle I am thinking of buying the paper back books just to hold them close one more time. To find out more about this series please click here to view it on Amazon. 

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