Friday, March 2, 2018

Fancy Friday Wax Seals and Stamps...

This week's Fancy Friday Finds I find myself wanting to share a recent purchase. I ordered a Wax Sealing Stamp Set like this one (okay mine is Harry Potter themed) and I long to return to the fun mail I used to get and exciting mail sealed with a wax stamp so I  shall be sending my personal cards going forward with a wax stamp. Well not practical maybe but pretty darn fun! Click here to see this set offered on the AllisonDIY Etsy Shop. 

You can order custom stamps in a wide range of prices along with some more traditional stamps ( I ordered the tree one) from shops like ZakkaParts by clicking here 

Worried about melting wax with a candle? Get Marked Etsy Shop offers a great alternative in these wax glue stick style! Click here for shop and listing. 
I look forward to sharing my seals and stamps with you when they arrive, I am tempted to order a custom one for sure!
Thank you for joining me here for this weeks fancy Friday Finds. I would love to hear from you so please leave me a comment here or email me at


  1. I'd love to use one. Unfortunately no one writes letters anymore.

    1. many do and make a hobby of it! Great pen pal sites and mail swapping groups I have belonged to! I can pass on that is great used them for years so much fun!