Friday, April 7, 2017

B.B. Haywood Town In a Maple Madness

Years ago I read a B.B. Haywood book in this series at the urging of my friend Lisa K, It was the first one Town in a Blueberry Jam. I was so drawn to it because of the cover and like that book I loved the cover of this one. Along with the catchiest titles paired with the most lovely of covers this is a well loved series.  This is the 8th book in the series and centered around the town Maple festival. I found the prologue to be very descriptive and as I was sent this book to review honestly, it was to graphic for me. It does set the tone for the book perfectly and while the town is anxiously awaiting the return of the wonderful spring weather its Maple season celebration is marred with murder and mystery.
The imminent arrival of spring has the locals gearing up for their sweetest celebration ever—the first annual Maple Madness Weekend. Along with maple sugar house tours, a community-wide marshmallow roast, and a weekend-long pancake breakfast, restaurants will be serving up special maple syrup dishes. But the weekend festivities are put in jeopardy when things start to get sticky...   One of Candy’s friends is accused of stealing sap from a rival’s sugar maple trees, and landscaper Mick Rilke is found dead, floating down the river wrapped up in a fisherman’s net. As Candy taps into Mick’s life, his unsavory side comes to light, as well as a possible connection to both crimes. Now it’s up to Candy to follow the flow of suspects to a cold-blooded killer...

This book is out now and can be found on Amazon by clicking here.
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