Friday, April 21, 2017

Curiosity Killed Dolly Kendall by Gillian Larkin

I read Curiosity Killed Dolly Kendall yesterday. This is a cozy short that is a lovely read.
I like cozies where the main characters are slightly older than most, and these well aged & widowed detectives do a great job of solving the murder of a lovely cat lover. 
I found this book from Lisa K, who shared a link when it was free earlier in the week. I think this book is a lovely deal priced just under $2 now on Amazon. A lovely break to have a well thought out cozy short on my table this week. 

Retired widows, Connie and Sable Butterworth have set up a private investigating business. Their second case involves the suspicious death of Dolly Kendall.Dolly is found dead at her home, supposedly from an overdose of sleeping tablets. Connie had spoken to Dolly the previous day and knew something wasn’t quite right with her. Dolly had been despondent, and it was obvious to Connie that something was bothering her.Connie and Sable’s investigation leads them to a devious plot involving missing cats and poisonous letters.

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