Saturday, January 27, 2018

On My Table and In My Cup January 20-27th

I am thrilled and excited that safely arrived on my table are three Berkley Prime books I have been looking so forward to reading! Miranda James Claws for Concern, Sofie Ryan's The Fast and The Furriest and Lena Gregory's Clairvoyant and Present Danger all have a special spot this week.  In my cup yesterday a lovely black Davids Tea called I love Tea #7 which is a blend of chocolate, rose and black tea that hit the spot!
Tomorrow I will review Murder in an Irish Churchyard, oh do I love this Irish Cozy Mystery series. I think this is by far one of the best Irish series, written!
My niece PB joined me Friday and we had a whole bunch of fun. She had her breakfast tea (grape juice) and froot loops, where she got to pour her own milk she was very proud.
Some wonderful armchair traveling mysteries this week to go along with the teas. Til Death Do Us Party by Vickie Fee is my favorite of the series so far and I can not wait for you all to read it in March! I loved the cover too!
I do love it when the perfect teacup matches the cover of a book and when I can pair part of the title into a treat. Survival of the Fritters was a very good read this week, so was the apple fritter. Keep your eyes out for this soon to be released new cozy by Ginger Bolton.
A spectacular paranormal cozy mystery in It Takes a Coven graced my table and my reviews this week. Carol J. Perry writes and shares her talents in It Takes a Coven. I loved it so much and hope she writes many many more of these.
This was a very troubling week here for our family and a few unsettling days. I am truly grateful for the support and countless cups of tea, kind and reassuring words with friends and the opportunity to carry on.

I am very excited about the upcoming event on my Beyond The Bookmarks Facebook Event page that will run 24/7 from February 7-11th. I hope you will join us. You can take a look and join in the fun now as I post a few teasers and treats daily, by clicking here.  We have a great lineup of authors joining us and I have lots of fun in store for you. I hope you will join us.
I am thrilled you have stopped by for a cup of tea and a week in review. I would love to hear from you so please leave us a comment here or email us at

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