Monday, January 22, 2018

It takes a Coven by Carol J. Perry

I still remember the first time I held the Witch City Mystery book in my hand and fell in love with the cover, and everything about the series. I am a huge fan of Carol J. Perry and her Witch City Mysteries. I feel right at home in them. Absolutely love the characters, the setting is perfectly described and the main character Lee is spectacular. This book is very relatable for me, and Lee, as a character is one of my most favorite, I feel like she and I could be great friends. We seem to have so much in common, I feel like if I could get her to switch from coffee to tea we could even be sisters. I series like this doesn't come along often and when you feel like the series is one you could pick up and move into without missing a beat you know you have found a truly wonderful and special book.  This book feels like the first one, with all the magic and charm I found to be so outstanding in the first book. This book is the perfect blend of a paranormal cozy and wonderful whodunit! I anxiously await the release of another in this series. This is so well done and a series I treasure. This book is  published by Kensington and is book 6,  out February 27.

There’s a new witch-hunt in Salem, Massachusetts . . . When Lee Barrett joins a former student’s bridal party as maid of honor, she expects cake tastings and dress fittings. But wedding planning becomes more peculiar than Lee’s scrying talents could ever predict. There’s a magical baker, a best man with a checkered past, and a talking crow named Poe as the ring bearer. There’s also a kindly old man dead under his apple tree—one of a series of unexplained deaths hanging over the Wiccan community . . . With witches dropping dead before they even come out of the proverbial broom closet, Lee’s best friend, River, fears she might have somehow unleashed a terrible curse on the city. Now, aided by Poe and her clairvoyant cat, Lee sets out to investigate. Are lives being claimed by vengeful supernatural forces—or by something more shocking? She soon discovers, casting light on the wicked truth can be one killer commitment . . .   

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