Saturday, January 13, 2018

On my table and in my cup January 6th-13th

Good morning from the Wet West Coast, perfect day for being inside for hockey games and home reading, or if you are like my sister, outside for soccer (one of the reasons I did not push them to become soccer players) I have been reading Deja Moo and upcoming paranormal cozy from a series I enjoy written by Kristen Weiss.
It has been a really busy but really fun week in the teacup department for me, I have been hitting the local thrift stores and scoring some lovely deals this week which I will share more about later next week and I have found some great journals at our local dollar store. I am going to do my very best not to lose it. I did clean my desk today and found the four other journals I had purchased late last year and promptly buried so I should be writing like crazy this year. 
In my cup this week I have been having a few different and lovely new teas. The one I had a friend mailed me and it was a Tazo tea called butterscotch blondie and if you have any in your stores, grab it! So good and now I have to track it down. It tasted like I was drinking tea and cookies, loved it! I have also had I love Tea #7, from Davids Tea, Vanilla black and Balmoral Blend Tea from Murchies. It has been perfect tea and reading weather this week.
In addition to reading, rescuing teacups and saucers and drinking tea. I attended a funeral for a family friend who passed away last week. He was part of my childhood and a man who gave his love of sport and who made support of children as his life's work. He was a pillar of our community and it was an honor to know him, have him as a coach and teacher. My heart goes out to the community, to his family and to all who new Vern Baker.  He was there for so many of us and in the end about 1000 of us were there for him. A three hour service and send off for him was an honor to be witness too. 

A true delight to have this weeks release of Sheila Connolly's Many A Twist to read. I have to tell you this series is one of my favorites. Based in Ireland and the twists in this one were spectacular. A great read and binge worthy series!
The Spirit of Grace by Terry Lynn Thomas was unlike any other paranormal cozy I had read before. Delightful and so happy to have had it on my table! A great read!
Cookies and Scream is the second book in the series and I loved it, CeeCee Jame's Baker Street Mysteries are good, touching and easy to love.

Libby Klein has a book coming out later this month that is a MUST READ. I related to the character perfectly, loved the story line and pretty much everything about it. Order this one for sure, I can not wait to see where this series goes.
I have also been working hard on the upcoming 24/7 event on the Beyond The Bookmarks Event Page called Cupids Cozies, we have 22+ authors coming by, crafts, recipes, great cozies and so much more. You can join us by clicking here. 

Thank you for joining me for a look back at what has been on my table and what is in my cup this week. I would love to hear from you so please leave me a comment here or email me at

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  1. I just finished reading Cherry Pie Or Die, I'm glad to hear Cookies and Scream is good! yay!