Sunday, January 14, 2018

Deja Moo, by Kirsten Weiss

 I found Kirsten Weiss' upcoming March release Deja Moo, to be a very uplifting holiday themed cozy. This one is Christmas themed even though there are three lovely Witch dolls on the fun cover, it is a Christmas Cozy through and through and a great addition to this series. This is a very light paranormal cozy in that it is implied but not overly paranormal. I like the diverse characters and the really different job that main character Maddie has in owning and running a Paranormal Museum, even when she is a very large skeptic herself. In this story she and her mother have a great adventure and work together to help solve the mystery of the Christmas Cow Cursed bells, Seriously loved the idea of this mystery! You will have to wait until March but I recommend this series and this mystery to be added to your to be read list for sure! 

This one can be pre ordered on Amazon by clicking here. 
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  1. "Deja Moo" by Kirsten Weiss sounds adorable. Thanks for bring it to my attention.