Monday, June 4, 2018

The Week Ahead- Travel with a chance of Wifi

Monday of what is going to be a crazy week. I am doing something that scares and excites me a bit this week. I am going away without my family. I am not usually one for change in routine. Yet I have had at least a year of constant change and unexpected events,  you think I would get used to it by now. I am slowly learning that real life is the plot twist that happens when you are making other plans. This week is going to be very busy. I will do everything I can to post and share daily. I will be away from my table and likely without wifi for a large part of the next week so if you do not hear from me daily here know that I am traveling and will do my best to write and share as soon as I can.
While the next two days will be full of last minute planning and packing I will try to sneak some reading and reviewing in. I am trying to find and pack my courage this week.
I am going to go adventuring with my sister. Hoping to grown through the week, rest and revive...
I have been saving these quotes seen above for the last little while hoping that when I read them I will gain the courage and conviction to live upto each one. They all grabbed me and spoke to me so I saved them to my desktop, thinking I would put them in a journal, or vision board. As they are still on my desktop I will put them here.
While I hit the pavement running this week, I will do my best to check in and give you updates. I will be taking my books, tea, teacups and even a teapot and kettle with me on my travels, this week. Thank you for taking time to join me for a cup of tea and my week of travel with a chance of Wifi...
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