Friday, September 4, 2015

Cover Art For Gone With The Witch From Heather Blake And A Ghost Of Potion Out This October 6th! Two Great Witch Series To Love!

In 242 more days Heather Blake's Wishcraft Mystery Gone With The Witch will be released. I was so excited to see the cover art and now to share it with you. While there are so many wonderful fall releases I am looking forward too this one on pins and needles!
 Heather Blake also writes another Witch series I love and pre ordered the latest installment Ghost of a Potion due out October 6th. This is a great series and centers around cousins and family, with crazy aunts and wild adventures this one is a series not to miss either!
You may have noticed that I love Witch themed mysteries and if you are ever wondering why my love of witches comes from my exposure to the show Bewitched growing up and finding so many wonderful authors who write fantastic mysteries about strong witches has been a delight in my adulthood.
When I grow up I would love to be part Samantha, Part Endora and a healthy dose of Aunt Clara....
but back to the books...
There are so many wonderful books already written in both these series that you could spend the next few weeks catching up before your pre orders arrive!
To Pre Order A Ghost of A Potion with free shipping From The Book Depository and 10% off at time of publishing please click here.

To Pre Order Gone With The Witch out this Spring also with Free Shipping From The Book Depository an 10% please click here

To learn more about Heather Blake's Series now on sale at The Book Depository please click here.
To learn more about Heather Blake/Webber Books visit her website by clicking here.


  1. Thank you so much, Karen! Bewitched was once of my favorite shows growing up. I remember twitching my nose on the walk to school just hoping that *somehow* I was just like Samantha.

    1. Welcome Heather! Thank you for taking time to comment. I am so glad we have the show in common! It explains so much! I wish I could twitch my nose for sure, countless hours as a child trying! LOL