Wednesday, September 30, 2015

A Quest For The Most Fun Little Spoons and Spreaders

I will admit that I desperately would like to own a set of these spreaders for my tea. I have found a website I should never have looked at and now I will need to find away to bring all of these home!
Seriously love this set of 4 spreaders offered at $16.99 from Rose and
I also really really really want these little spoons. Offered at $15.99 for 4
I also would love this set and these to go with them
I could not have one with out the other right?
Did I mention they had matching spreaders...

Oh to make a longer wish list....these would all be great with my tea, scones and cozy mysteries, would they work for you too?
Happy to have so much on my table already!
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  2. Thank you Karen! From Julie @

  3. Thank you from Julie @

  4. I am glad others appreciate RosesAndTeacups' merchandise as much as I do!