Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Who Are The 5 Authors You Would Love To Sit Down To Tea With?

A little over a year ago I posed the question of If you could have any 5 authors to tea who would they be and why?

It is a simple question with endless possibilities and something I will admit I have spent a great deal of time thinking about. I have a I will admit picked several sets of 5 to entertain if I could and I even know what I would serve! Honestly to sit down with any combination of cozy mystery authors would be a delight. I would invite all of my favorites and I am pretty sure I would have enough tea cups and saucers for them as well!

If I could put together the perfect tea party in sets of 5 for a tea party with me I would love to have so many authors who I would love to thank personally for how their work profoundly influenced my life: There are however more then a dozen I would love to have come to tea.  I did not realize when it comes down to naming names just how hard and how much fun it would be to host so many wonderful authors in sets of 5.

For this post and in no particular order the first set of five,  I would add would be Lorraine Barrlett ( by any of her names) for it was her Book Town Mystery Series that really brought me to love this genre of cozy mysteries. Next to her would be Ellery Adams, I really was enchanted by her Charmed Pie Shop Mysteries first and then came to love her new Book Retreat Mysteries, then would come Heather Blake her witchy tales and even her romance books are among some of my most favorite. beside her Amanda Cooper (by any of her names also) so we could discuss her Teapot Collector Series in person and rhen Terrie Farley Moran from the Read Em and Eat Mystery series.

At Table two I would put Joyce and Jim Lavene, Hannah Read ( by any of her names as well) Miranda James( By any of his names as well) Lucy Arlington( by any of her names though Ellery is at table one, so Susan Furlong would have to sit in as she is also so amazing)
Then table three would be Krista Davis, Christy Fifield, Melissa Bourbon, Juliet Blackwell and Eva Gates( by any other name as well) . I admit this exercise is harder then I would expect it to have been even for make believe, I wonder if in real life these Authors know or even all like each other but more importantly I wonder what they would all talk about...such a fun thing to think about. I imagine myself flitting between tables refilling cups and sharing some of my most favorite recipes with each of them.

I think it is fun to imagine what it would be like to sit down and talk with all of these amazing authors and so many I have not mentioned here but would love to have come to tea. I feel like I have already in many ways as I have welcomed them all many times to my tea table.
So I would love to know who you would invite to your tea table for 6, the 5 authors you would pair and why. Leave me a comment below or email me for fun. This exercise is not to leave anyone out and just for fun. I would be honored to host any cozy mystery author, blogger or any of you for tea anytime. I thank you so much for joining me here today and hope to hear what you think as well.
Enjoy your day. Sip your tea and imagine along with me...until tomorrow.


  1. Great choices. What a wonderful tea party it would be, and I wonder if there would be a mystery to solve.

  2. I'll be there! And I'd love to sit with the people you've chosen for me, although I expect there will be a lot of table hopping as well.

    1. So glad to hear that and I think it would be lovely to have everyone moving around too! LOL

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