Wednesday, September 23, 2015

My Favorite Peppermint Tea Only Pennies Per Pot!

You maybe able to tell by my photo that I have Mom cold, you know that kind that would knock the wind out of any normal male or child but the kind that you get after looking after them and all you can do is make yourself tea, take a Tylenol cold, put on your big girl panties and carry on dealing with everything. That kind of cold. At least I am suffering in silence right? (insert laugh here)
When I have a cold or am feeling even slightly off my favorite go to tea is Mint Refresher. This is really a tisane (a herbal tea that contains no actual tea leaf, the Camellia sinensis  is not contained in this tea) This is a bagged tea I purchase regularly from The Real Canadian Super Store and is a President's Choice brand. Each box contains 20 individually wrapped tea bags. I love loose leaf tea but I also really enjoy this tea and it is easy to take with me. I often have at least 6 bags of it in my purse. For under $3 Canadian this is a good deal. Mint tea helps aide in digestion, reduce pain, eliminate inflammation, it can relax the body, help with headaches and stomach aches and even help with the dreaded Mom Cold. I find I breathe better when I drink it and inhale it. The bonus of no caffeine is this is a tea you can safely give your kids.  You can easily make your own peppermint tea if you grow your own, something I really would like to try but until then I am glad I can pick up and stock up on my Mint Refresher Tea from the grocery store. I did not purchase the Mint Tea from Celestial Seasonings so I must pick some of that up and compare the two in an up coming post.
 When I get to the end of my day and tuck up to read my book I am often joined my my reading companion Squirrel the cat. When I am not feeling well she tends to be a tad over protective and possessive. While the photo is not overly flattering of either of us, it is nice to know that the cat is there for comfort and to make sure I don't go anywhere. Sleeping on my face and shoulder in this photo, while I tried to read made it next to impossible so I reluctantly put the book down and went to sleep. You may ask why not move her...I tried she came back and then covered my entire head and face so really this position shown above was actually more comfortable.
I look forward to sharing more tea and cozy mysteries with you again tomorrow! Stay healthy, wash your hands and pick up some mint tea for cold and flu season. Thank you for joining Squirrel and I today. We would love to hear from you so please leave me a comment here or email me at


  1. I hope you feel better soon!!! My cat, Alice acts just like yours curling up on my shoulder and head. I haven't tried mint tea but plan to do so after reading your post. :))