Monday, January 1, 2018

All I Wanted Was A Drink, A New Years Day Short Story by Michelle Ann Hollstein

Happy New Year! 

I read All I Wanted Was A Drink, An Aggie Underhill, New Year's Day Short Story on Friday night. This was a free Amazon kindle download last week and quite an entertaining read! Only 22 pages long and quite well packed in. I did not realize that a mystery story could be told and so well laid out in such a short story. It was funny and clearly well thought out. I very much enjoyed it and it made me smile. Looks like I found another cozy series to love. Thank you Amazon.

Aggie and Betty decide to take a last minute flight to Las Vegas for a girl's weekend. Since the Christmas holiday had left them exhausted, they thought a mini vacation was just what they needed. Who knew the flight would be just as exhausting as the Christmas season? Join Aggie and Betty in this comical New Year's Day short story. 
You can find this cozy short on Amazon by clicking here.

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