Friday, January 12, 2018

Fancy Friday Finds

Today I am writing about tea finds on Etsy. I was placing my order yesterday for some more 'Knock Me Out Tea" from the New Moon Tea Company and I saw their multi packs and it inspired me to share about today's tea finds.

This shop is located about 90 mins from where I live and I have been buying from this etsy shop for about two years now This is a company I enjoy and have bought for gifts for others. I love the idea of the new packaged sets. You can have one made for the person in your life for about $20 or you can pick from some of their ready made kits, like this one for post surgery, they also have expectant mother tea, tea for men and women's health.
Click here to see the shop and check out the wonderful items in stock. 

This time of year while we are knee deep in winter, I find my tastes turn to a more green and spring like flavors, like this tea which is a Sencha green tea, this one is with Chocolate and Roses. It is from a company called Tea Cleanse and you can find it here.  

They also have it in little tins, super cute! Click here for shop and listing. 

Thank you for joining me here today for a cup of tea and some Fancy Friday Finds. I hope you have a wonderful day and I look forward to sharing more with you tomorrow.

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