Friday, January 5, 2018

Fancy Friday Finds and Karen's 2018 Teacup and Saucer Challenge.

Welcome to my Fancy Friday Finds, before we get started I wanted to let you know that I have started a group on Facebook called Karen's 2018 Teacup and Saucer Challenge.  This group is for you to rescue (either from your cupboard, thrift store, etsy, ebay, friend or other) a teacup and saucer and make a point of using it on yourself once a day. It is about taking time to appreciate yourself, and truly enjoy your morning ( or afternoon beverage). It is about sharing stories of personal growth, self care and success and maybe just a little bit about tea...If you think you might like to see what it is all about please pop over and request to join by clicking here. 

Now on to our Fancy Friday Finds...You guessed it teacups and saucers. Now the thing about teacups and saucers is that it is really about personal choice and style. I did not grow up with a mother who had china nor drank tea. I myself did not start drinking tea until a few years ago, but I did get my first cup and saucer at 13.  The above is one I have chosen as an Etsy find because I am drawn to the lovely black color, delicate floral ribbon and the price. This Adderly Teacup and Saucers is priced less than my last trip to Starbucks, at $5 CND it is a stea. This one is offered by Incredible Treasures  This one is a steal!

If you happen to live in the USA this one is a steal I have this cup in purple and would love to have this one, but shipping to Canada is three times the price of the cup and saucer! This set is currently offered at $5! Shipping in the USA makes the whole thing under $11 and is a steal. You can find this one at Bargins 5 Dollar Etsy Shop by clicking here.  It is a Royal Albert and a style I have a hard time resisting.

I love the color and style of this one, a 1930's set  and the colors are so cheerful. This one is offered by The Afternoon Tea Set and it is offered at just over $8 Canadian. ( I can only see the Canadian Prices as I am in Canada but with the dollar the way it is this is a lovely find!) Click here to see this one listed in shop. 

I will caution if you are new to teacups and thinking of starting a collection, they are a bit like potato chips and it is hard to just have one!  I also only buy cups and saucers I plan on using. I am not a collector that keeps things on a shelf. I truly use and love each one.

Thank you for taking time to join me here I would love to here from you so please leave me a comment here or email me at