Sunday, October 21, 2018

Painting, Selfcare and a couple of great books...

A few months ago I started to see a therapist and I mentioned how I felt I had lost my creative spark. I expressed a desire to paint but did not have the confidence to start. She was really helpful in showing me that even though I had no real experience in painting, that the act of painting was something if I felt I would like to try, would be worth wild.  She was right. I have found that painting for me gives me a creative outlet and has helped me add more joy to my life.
The therapist recommended a book that I found to be very helpful called The Artist Way 
This book has many different covers and while you should be able to find it at your library I recommend you can also get a copy for yourself like I did on The Book Depository by clicking here. 
Through the summer I also found another book that I really liked and it even referenced the book The Artists WayPainting Your Way Out of A Corner, hit the right buttons for me and made me laugh and think, while creating. I loved that painting doesn't have to cost much, I seriously get my supplies at the dollar store and even got a childs paint set like you use in preschool. I found that the art of sitting there and just letting the paint hit the paper was calming in away I had only hoped. Do I love everything I paint? Not really but I do love the act of painting. The process is what I love.

If you are thinking of ways to reignite your creative self or are trying to find that creative spark, maybe these books will help you as they helped me.
To find these books on The Book Depository, with free shipping,  click the links below, or simply check them out at your local library.
For The Artists Way by Julia Cameron, click here.
For the book Paint Your Way Out of The Corner, by Barbara Diane Barry,  click here.
Thank you for joining me for a cup of tea and a look at two books I found very helpful for selfcare.
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